Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation is a very old story. Uniquely specialist in practise, it began with the concubines of the Empress and Emporers in the Chinese Sung Dynasty (96O-127OAD) ensuring the continuation of their highly-prized beauty. Now, in modern times, tired of aggressive, chemical-rich practises on the face, we are finally catching on to this well-kept ‘secret’.

In 1996, the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that among 300 cases of facial rejuvenation, 90% of those treated showed visible and obvious effects after just one course of treatment. This included facial elasticity, improved facial colouring, smoother surface and overall well-being. Based on the ancient Chinese use of meridian lines branching to and from the face, facial rejuvenation targets each client’s needs individually. These may range from:
• Puffyness
• Drooping Eyelids
• Dry Skin
• Large Pores
• Facial colouring
• Deep Wrinkles and/or Fine Lines

More than just an acupuncture ‘face-lift’, facial rejuvenation works to holistically revitalise the patient’s entire system, removing a build-up of toxins which add between 5 and 10 years to a client’s face. Because individual fine needles are inserted into the skin at precise points, the cause, rather than the effects, of the ageing process are treated and reversed, with benefits extending to the entire body. A course of 8-12 sessions is recommended, and for after-care, Juliet will personally tailor-build a bespoke care plan for each client according to their specific needs, extending the effects of the treatment and ensuring optimum long-term results.

Complementing the practice of Facial Rejuvenation, Juliet also offers Facial Massage, a technique achieving similar effects but without the use of needles, and useful for those clients for whom needles are a concern.
Byline: Rebecca Swirsky

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