Smoking cessation patient Information

Acupuncture is an effective tool to enable one to quit smoking by minimizing cravings.

Stopping smoking can also calm the nervous system and strengthen will power. Acupuncture will only work if you are ready to quit and willing to commit to the process.

Support person

The decision to stop smoking can elicit uncomfortable emotions. Ask someone who is available to you in the next few weeks to act as sounding board and provide encouragement when needed.


An affirmation is a positive statement repeated often to create desired changes in your life. Repeating the affirmation helps not only to remind you why you are no longer smoking but imprints a new image of health so that the body can produce health. For example; ‘ I am a non smoker, I make healthy choices in my life.’

Setting boundaries

Set up contracts with other smokers to refrain from smoking in your presence. This includes spouses. When possible, stay away from smokers until you feel more confident with your non-smoking health status.

Drink water

Research shows that dryness causes cravings. Sip water frequently throughout the day.

Refrain from drinking coffee

Research shows that coffee causes cravings and dehydrates the body.

Food choices

Eat a lot of carrots, celery and other vegetables throughout the day. Avoid eating tomatoes. (Tobacco and tomatoes are both members of the nightshade family). Keep your sugar intake low. Too many refined sugars can upset the blood sugar level, which can aggravate smoking withdrawal symptoms. Sugar substitutes such as sweetex are sweeter than sugar and cause further sugar cravings.

Managing cravings

Cravings feel as though they will last forever but actually fade after a few minutes. Plan what you will do during a craving. For example repeat your affirmation, breath deeply, walk to another place, call your support person.

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